Handling Fines and Lost Books

a. Library privileges of students with unsettled accounts are suspended.


b. Mutilation and stealing of library materials. Any Library User who shall willfully, maliciously or wantonly tear, deface mutilate, injure or destroy any book, pamphlet, periodical, manuscript, map and other property of the college library materials and property shall be punished.


c. If the book is lost, borrower should notify the librarian.


d. Losses (Books, serials, audio-visual and other non-print materials) to be paid by the borrower at its current price. The lost library materials should either be paid for or replaced within 15 days but not later than 30 days after date of report of loss.


e. If the book is lost, the borrower either replaces an exact copy of the book or pays its price plus the processing fee of fifty pesos (Php 50.00).


f. The levy overdue charge maybe stopped with effect from the date of notice of loss. If he finds the book, fines collected in only from the time the reported that the book was lost.


g. Ten Pesos (Php10.00) fine per day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays for every returned home reading books but not exceeding the price of the book.


h. Payments of overdue fines should be made directly to the Head Librarian or Library Staff in-charge.

Borrowing Procedures

     The BASC Library is using the manual system adopting the modified   the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules 2nd edition (AARCR2), Platonixz Library System and KOHA Integrated Library System.


     The system makes use of:

  1. Book cards bearing call number, author and short title for each.
  2. College ID bearing name, address, etc.
  3. Book pocket, which reports information on book card.
  4. Due date slip


     The following steps are devised for all the borrowers in the BASC Library and shall be implemented strictly unless otherwise revised or altered.


Utilization of Resources

a. The College Library Card serves as the pass in the use of the library and its resources. The NO ID, NO ENTRY is strictly enforced. The Library card is presented upon entrance and every time a book or material is borrowed.


b. The Library card is non-transferable. Library privilege should be exercised personally. The owner of the ID card is responsible for materials borrowed on it. Anyone found lending or using someone else's ID card will be penalized.


c. The Library card is validated every semester.


d. Lost Library Card will be replaced after one week. Twenty-five (Php 25.00) pesos will be charged to those who will apply for a duplicate and change of library card provided the old is surrendered.


e. General reference books, pamphlets, serials, theses/dissertations and other restricted materials are for inside reading only.


f. A lost book must report immediately to avoid accumulation of fines. It must be replaced with the same kind or paid not later 2 weeks after the librarian has been notified of the loss.


g. Students will not be allowed to borrow books for home use one (1) week before the Final Examination.


h. Bringing any bag or attaché case into the library shall be prohibited.


i. Smoking, excessive noise, unseeingly behavior, disturbance or any other conduct interfering with the proper use of the library shall be forbidden.


j. Cell phones must be set on silent mode.


k. Eating shall not be allowed in the public service areas.


l. Silence must be firmly observed inside the library. Loud conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise are strictly prohibited.


m. The library must be kept clean. Littering on the table or floor is not allowed. Waste baskets are provided inside the library for cleanliness purpose.


n. All borrowed materials should be returned promptly. Borrowing period varies with the type of materials, as follows:




Kinds of Material for Circulation

Loan Period

Overdue Fines

General Reference Books

(e.g. encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, books in sets and the likes)

Not for Check-Out


General Circulation

(Includes International & Filipino Authors)

For Students: 3 books for 3-7 Days

For Faculty: 3 books and can be returned at the end of the semester

Php10.00 / day

(excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)

Reserve Collection

1 book for Overnight Use

Php 10.00/ day

Php 2.00/ appointed hour

Php 1.00/succeeding hour

(excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)

 Filipiniana Collection

1 book for Overnight Use

Php 10.00/ day

Php 2.00/ appointed hour

Php 1.00/succeeding hour

 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)

Fiction Book

2 fiction books for 1 week

Php10.00 / day

(excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)

Theses / Dissertations Collection

Not for Check-Out


Serials, maps and globes

Can be charged-out only when the faculty needs them for classroom instruction. Materials have to be returned right after the class.


Audiovisual Materials

Can be charged-out only when the faculty needs them for classroom instruction. Materials have to be returned right after the class.


Guidelines in Borrowing Books for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

     With the object to minimize the unreturned books by some faculty and staff and to give our students the maximum opportunity of using library books, effective immediately the following guidelines shall be strictly observed.

a. All Library User should sign the book card before the issuance of the book.


b. Library User may be allowed to borrow a maximum of 3 books at a time for a maximum of 4 months subject to renewal if not in demand.


c. Books that are limited in number are not allowed for home loan use. They may be used for an hour for reproduction.


d. Duplicate of books may be borrowed by the faculty or heads of departments for a semester. However, recall of books may be done any time for the need of other library users.


e. No Library User shall be allowed to borrow (home loan use) library book unless he/she has returned books previously borrowed. Record of the borrower shall be checked first before the issuance of any books.


f. General reference books, serials, such as newspapers, magazines, journals, theses and dissertations and other non-books materials are for library use only.


g. A lost book while on loan should be reported immediately to the librarian. The book should be either be paid or replaced with the same title or of later edition.

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