Handling Fines and Lost Books

a. Library privileges of students with unsettled accounts are suspended.


b. Mutilation and stealing of library materials. Any Library User who shall willfully, maliciously or wantonly tear, deface mutilate, injure or destroy any book, pamphlet, periodical, manuscript, map and other property of the college library materials and property shall be punished.


c. If the book is lost, borrower should notify the librarian.


d. Losses (Books, serials, audio-visual and other non-print materials) to be paid by the borrower at its current price. The lost library materials should either be paid for or replaced within 15 days but not later than 30 days after date of report of loss.


e. If the book is lost, the borrower either replaces an exact copy of the book or pays its price plus the processing fee of fifty pesos (Php 50.00).


f. The levy overdue charge maybe stopped with effect from the date of notice of loss. If he finds the book, fines collected in only from the time the reported that the book was lost.


g. Ten Pesos (Php10.00) fine per day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays for every returned home reading books but not exceeding the price of the book.


h. Payments of overdue fines should be made directly to the Head Librarian or Library Staff in-charge.

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